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Traditional Reiki

First Degree Class

History of Reiki
Introduction to history of healing energies
Introduction to human energy fields
Applications for self healing
Techniques for giving treatments to others
Extensive hands-on practice
Four attunements
Format: lecture, discussion, hands-on practice
Saturday, Sunday 9:00-6:00 (weekdays also available)

Class Fee: $150


Second Degree Class


Working with the human energy field
Introduction to advanced Reiki techniques
Techniques for sending Reiki at a distance
Methods of mental/emotional healing
Ways to incorporate Reiki into medical environment
Specific treatment formats
Two attunements
Extensive practice using advanced techniques
Open to all First Degree students from this master

Saturday, Sunday 9:00-6:00 (weekdays also available)

Class Fee: $250

SECOND DEGREE, PART 2:  Contact Reiki Master for details.



Reiki is the simplest, most reliable method of energy healing the world has ever seen. Over a million people in the United States have acquired the ability to heal themselves and their loved ones using this Japanese hands-on technique. It is becoming the fastest growing alternative modality in the world. Reiki masters in more than 40 countires teach the method. It is classified by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a "Biofield Medicine, which involves systems that use subtle energy fields in and around the body for medical purposes."



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